''LBS,RL38,33KV,630A,SF6 ENCLOSED MANUAL Schneider RL Fully Enclosed LoadBreak Switch, SF6, Stobie Pole mounted, 33kV, 3 phase, 630 Amp, 16kA,BIL 170kV, tank only without controller - MANUAL SWITCH.COMPLETE PACKAGE COMPRISING OF:TANK - 400910200RL38-LBS-MR+SF6-38-16-170 630A I/OWithout Motor Pack.994000260 -RL Dressing kit.994000075 RL Series SA Power Networks 75MMx75MM crossarm mountingbracket.BUSHING DETAILSSupply and fit 240mm² CCT 630Amp cable tails (1100mm).Install 38kV bushing boots, silicone grease.Supply and fit 2 hole (240LPB - 2x50 - 630A - fully tinned) crimped lugson 630A cable tails, including fasteners.Supply 6 x 2part ABB boots for HV connection.Surge Arresters ABB MWK27-K4, 10kA.Fit Surge Arresters to switch including lugged 40MM2 CCT leads.Supply and fit animal covers to Surge Arresters.CABLESSupply 6 x 240mm² AAAC CCT 630Amp water blocked cables (5000mm each),with 2 hole (240LPB - 2x50 - 630A - fully tinned) crimped lugs fitted toone end.Cables not fitted to Cable Tails.Unit fully dressed and fitted to travelling crate for dressed RL switch.***********************************RD8409 - Schneider RL38 Load Break Switch 33kV, 630A, withoutcontroller.USE - THIS IS A 33kV POLE MOUNTED LOAD SWITCH, TO BE USED ON 33kV LINESAT LOCATIONS WITHOUT SCADA.***********************************''

Part No.: RD8409

Estimated Availability: 12th Jul 2024

Gross Weight: 341kg

Dimensions: 2500 LONG X 1200 WIDE X 1400 HIG

Return to work SA VA CEC Member POS FC RGB NATA AEMO ECAAS Certification Mark 9001 v3 ECAAS Certification Mark 14001 v3

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